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Natural Gas Science Worksheet

Natural Gas Science Worksheet

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Date: ______________________

  1. Natural gas is the same gas you use in your car. (True or False) __________
  2. Circle the two things listed below that formed natural gas.
    1. clouds
    2. swamp plants
    3. water animals
    4. gold

    Did these things exist before or after the dinosaurs?

  3. Natural gas service is usually interrupted during heavy storms. (True or False) __________
    Why or why not?

  4. Natural gas smells the way it does because
  5. Match the three fossil fuels listed below with their states.
    1. coal A. gas
    2. natural gas B. liquid
    3. oil C. solid
  6. Draw a cartoon with three or four panels that shows how natural gas was formed, as was explained at the beginning of this section.